May 23 – HYBRIDplus General Assembly & Eurotherm Seminar in Lleida, Spain

General Assembly

At month 8, the University of Seville organized its second General Assembly (GA), hosted by the University of Lleida (UDL). Progress and first results regarding selection of material were shared by UDL and STAX. Co-design by UDL, Build 2 Zero and Seico, the conceptual design and modeling of new hybrid electric/thermal PCM storage module with heat exchanger is also on track! University of Seville presented the work started on the optimisation of the new test rig that will demonstrate the cascade PCM concept for a duration of at least 300h and KTH the work kicked off, setting up the basis of the future techno-economic evaluation of the hybrid CSP-PV systems. Last but not least, R2M organized the first exploitation workshop, refining the list of exploitable results and raising awareness on intellectual property management among the consortium members. Let’s keep up the good work! The next GA if fixed in September 2023, hosted by KTH in Stockholm. Stay tuned!

Europe's Corner workshop at the Eurotherm Seminar

The Thermal Energy Storage research community gathered at the Eurotherm Seminar hosted by the University of Lleida. The agenda offered a unique ‘Europe’s Corner workshop’ opportunity where more that 20 European projects presented the highlithts of their mission! The HYBRIDplus project was presented by our coordinator, Dr. Cristina Prieto! More information regarding that event is available following this link:

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