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June 24 – Conference paper, Enerstock 24 – “Electrified cascade PCM concept for Thermal Energy Storage in a CSP plant”. Authors: Anton Lopez-RomanM. Carmen Pavón-Moreno, Paolo De Giorgi, Luisa F. Cabeza and Cristina Prieto.

April 24 – Publication, journal Materials (MDPI) – “Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase Change Materials in High-Temperature Industrial Applications: Multi-Criteria Selection of the Adequate Material”. Authors: Luisa F. Cabeza, Franklin R. Martínez, Emiliano Borri, Svetlana Ushak and Cristina Prieto.


HYBRIDplus will produce 33 deliverables within the 4 years of the project in which 9 of them are public and will be uploaded on this page when finalized. 

Consult our ‘news’ webpage and social media accounts to keep updated with our research progress.

 D1.1 Data Management Plan 

An overview of the data that the project is expected to generate, the types and formats of that data, and how that data will be processed and stored to make it discoverable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, in accordance with the principles of FAIR data management.

 D1.2 Final Data Management Plan (Not yet available)

Final version of Data Management Plan. Last version of the data that the project is expected to generate, the types and formats of that data, and how that data will be processed and stored to make it discoverable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, in accordance with the principles of FAIR data management.

 D1.3 Knowledge management and IP strategy 

This document will contain the IP strategy and knowledge management plan defined by the consortium during the first period of the project to be used as a basis for the whole duration of the project. It will be a live document that the IP Manager will update whenever required.

D4.2 Construction and commissioning of test bench (Not yet available)

Report consisting of the process of construction and commissioning of the test bench. Any deviation or modification from the design reported in D4.1 will be included in this report. 

D6.2 Communication and dissemination toolbox, website and initial video 

The toolbox includes branding (logo, style, key visuals, project short description), brochure, roll-up, templates for materials (e.g., deliverables, presentations, participants list) and guidelines for partners. The website information and, successful start is reported in this document alongside the description of the initial HYBRIDplus video.

D6.3 Project promotional video (Not yet available)

The final project video for HYBRIDplus solutions, highlighting use cases produced together with a professional agency is described in this document.

 D6.4 Summary of all dissemination and communication activities (Not yet available)

Report with the accumulated information related to dissemination and communication activities performed during the HybridPlus project.

D6.6 Summary of exploitation activities (Not yet available)

Report including all the exploitation actions performed during the HYBRIDplus project.

D6.7 Summary of networking with EU projects and initiatives (Not yet available)

Document with the results concerning the networking activities performed between HYBRIDplus project and its stakeholders.


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